Play Time Pet Care

A great experience for dogs. Peace of mind for parents.

Worried about leaving your dog alone all day?

You can go to work and relax, knowing that your pet will be tired and content when you get home.

Is your pet alone all day?

Play Time Pet Care serves the needs of busy families and their loving companions in the Greater Victoria Area, and we cater our pet care to meet your dog’s individual needs.

As members of our families, dogs need attention and social interaction to remain healthy and well behaved. Lack of play may be at the root of many behavioural problems such as excessive barking, hyperactivity, and chewing.

At Play Time Pet Care we have the experience and training to provide attention only you can top.  Seven days a week, rain or shine, we are there for your family.

We provide knowledgeable, personalized, loving care… when you can’t do it yourself.

About us

Play Time Pet Care is owned and operated by Jacquie Korsch. Jacquie has over 15 years of experience raising and training dogs. A dedicated dog and cat owner herself, Jacquie is committed to providing professional care in safe, happy, and socially stimulating environments.

Jacquie and all employees of Play Time Pet Care are bonded and insured.

Dog Walking Services

Group or individual walks, plus puppy visits.

Services for Cats

Daily visits for cats when you’re away.

Dog Training Services

20 years of dog training experience means you’re in experienced hands.

"A tired dog is a good dog"

Lewis has been going out with Jacquie for over 12 years. He seems to know when it’s his adventure day, and is happy and tired after his hike. A tired dog is a good dog!

"What a relief to find someone we trust and believe in"

Jacquie has been so wonderful with our 2 dogs – one can be rather difficult and reactive but she has made them both so happy during their walks. What a relief to find someone we trust and believe in.

"Your dog will thank you"

Absolutely amazing! My pup comes home soooo happy and totally exhausted. I highly recommend Play Time Pet Care. Your dog will thank you.

"Loves the dogs like they are her own"

Dog walker extraordinaire! Loves the dogs like they are her own.




We walk every morning and afternoon weekdays, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings in the Greater Victoria region. To make a booking please call 250-592-0599 or use the contact form below. Cost is $20 per dog per walk or $30 for the whole day.

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