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Play Time Pet Care Training Philosophy

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Whether it’s the addition of a puppy to the family, learning basic obedience, or breaking some bad habits, Play Time Pet Care is ready to work with you and your canine companion.

We employ a firm, fair and flexible training strategy to ensure we meet the needs of each dog and work within comfort zone of the owner. Praise and positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of our methodology; we tap into your dog’s innate desire to please.

We encourage owners to assume the role of pack leader so your dog feels safe and is respectful toward other adults, children, and dogs. Being comfortable in a variety of environments means your companion recognizes his place in the pack/family and feels secure and confident in your ability to navigate any situation.

Rather than a one size fits all approach, we cater our strategies and skills development to best suit your companion’s temperament and the dynamics of your canine-human relationship. This personalized approach is available in both private and group settings; in the home, at the training facility, or on the trails.

To find out more about upcoming classes and rates, please contact Jacquie at 250-592-0599 or 250-893-2103 or email

Puppy Class

A great way to get off on the right foot, our Puppy Class introduces you to puppy essentials. We introduce you to the basics of house breaking routines and proper socialization skills with members of your household and other dogs.

In addition, we aim to address issues such as mouthing, nipping, and jumping up before they begin. We focus on fundamental commands such as sit, stay and down.

Basic Obedience Class

Our Basic Obedience Class expands on the sit, stay, and down commands to further include heel, stand, and come from a distance. Our goal here is a well mannered dog that waits calmly at the door, greets visitors appropriately, and follows his owner’s lead. We can also help address behavioural issues such as jumping up, excessive barking, pulling on the leash, and separation anxiety.

Advanced Obedience Class

Do you envision a relationship with your dog in which he reliably executes all of the basic commands off-leash? Our goal here is to continue building new skills as well as confidence and control in a variety of challenging situations.

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