Dog Walking Services

Which service is right for you and your furry companion?

The first step to a successful relationship is the meet and greet. We begin all our relationships with an in-home interview where we learn about you and your pet. From there, we work together to develop the perfect routine for you and your dog. We also use this time to assess your dog’s needs as well as confirm that all vaccinations and shots are up to date to ensure a safe and healthy pack.

We walk every morning and afternoon weekdays, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings in the Greater Victoria region. To make a booking please call 250-592-0599 or 250-893-2103, or use the contact form below.


Group Walks

Group walks are our most popular service and the backbone of Play Time Pet Care. We offer an alternative to the doggie daycare and kennel atmosphere. You can go to work and relax, knowing your companion will be tired and content when you get home. Our group adventure walks are a great way to exercise your dog’s body and brain. Group walks help alleviate boredom, activate your dog’s brain, and engage his social sniffer in a safe and natural off-leash environment.

Group walks are arranged with our clients’ safety in mind, and for that reason dogs are matched according to temperament, disposition and exercise needs. We offer both morning and afternoon walks during the week to fit with your busy schedule. Weekend walks are also offered; generally once a day.

After picking up your dog and his canine pals, we head for safe and secluded off leash trails. As safety is our number one priority, all dogs are on leash to and from the truck on every outing. Moreover, we employ a gradual release philosophy when it comes to new additions to the pack.

Whether your dog is a “sniffer”, an “obsessive-compulsive-ball-chaser” or a “stroller” he will love the daily outings and benefit from the social interactions. After the hour long adventure, the dogs are leashed up and taken back to the truck for healthy treats and water. Your companion is then returned to his home for some much deserved rest until your arrival at the end of the day.

60 minute walks — $20.00 + GST
Whole day — $30.00 + GST


Individual Walks

We offer individual on-leash walks for those who, for various reasons, may require more personal attention or less social interaction while on their walk.

This service is a great option for older dogs, aggressive dogs, and dogs with or recovering from an injury.

We come to your house, leash up your companion, and walk him in his own neighbourhood. Healthy post walk treats and fresh water are provided.

30 minute walks — $15.00 + GST
60 minute walks — $20.00 + GST


New Puppy Visits

Many a new puppy owner has come to realize that pups come with their own unique needs and schedules. Puppies require more frequent visits than adult dogs and are not ready to venture beyond the backyard until they have received their final set of shots.

A new puppy visit includes a fresh drink of water, a backyard pee break, time to play, and time to cuddle. Visits can be arranged for the morning and/or afternoon.

30 minute visits — $15.00 + GST
60 minute visits — $20.00 + GST

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